Python by examples

Python is high level object oriented language and is getting acclaimed beacuase of its simple yet robust features to develop, automate and visualise the applications. Its data analystics capabilities are amazing. I am going to share the example programs that I am using while learining it …. Call a Function-: import os, time, sys print(“hello”) […]


Like required packages # OL6 and OL7 yum install binutils -y yum install compat-libcap1 -y yum install compat-libstdc++-33 -y yum install compat-libstdc++-33.i686 -y yum install gcc -y yum install gcc-c++ -y yum install glibc -y yum install glibc.i686 -y yum install glibc-devel -y yum install glibc-devel.i686 -y yum install libaio -y yum install libaio-devel -y […]

ORDS and APEX Setup

OWFR – check for pre-requisites….>install Infra…>install fr binary…..>run RCU …….>setup Domain Commands that we need to use for setup are given below: 1. java -jar fmw_12. -silent -responseFile /u01/appl_techs/products/software/inst_proc/infra.rsp -invPtrLoc /u01/appl_techs/products/software/inst_proc/oraInventory/oraInst.loc 2. ./fmw_12. -silent -responseFile /u01/appl_techs/products/software/inst_proc/fr.rsp -invPtrLoc /u01/appl_techs/products/software/inst_proc/oraInventory/oraInst.loc 3. run rcu from Middleware/oracle_common/bin/rcu 4. Setup Domains from Middleware/oracle_common/common/bin]> ./ ORDS Configuration configure the ORDS for […]

Oracle Weblogic – Password Reset

Oracle Weblogic, How to Reset Username and Password: 1. Stop the weblogic server instances 2. Take a backup of the LDAP folder of the admin server and other managed servers (simply rename the folders). 3. Set environment variables for your domain by running (UNIX) or setDomainEnv.cmd (Windows). For UNIX environments do as follows: . […]

HTML Introduction

What is HTML? HTML is the standard markup language .HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language.HTML describes the structure of Web pages using markup.HTML elements are the building blocks of HTML pages.HTML tags label pieces of content such as “heading”, “paragraph”, “table”, and so on. HOW DOES IT WORKS HTML consists of a series of […]

Block The Pendrive in Windows

BY REGISTRY EDITING   1. Press the Window key + R. This opens the Run command.   2. After that you can type “regedit”and then press enter         3. Go to “Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ CURRENT_CONTROL_SET\SERVICES”.      4. CLICK on “USBSTOR”. This folder controls USB storage on your computer.       5. Open the […]


What is putty? “Simon Tatham” was the person to discover Putty. 1. Basically,a putty is a free “open source”,network file transfer application and it supports several network protocol.And it was originally written for “Microsoft windows” but it supports many variations on the secure remote terminal to various other operating systems. It has also control over […]

What is X window?

1.What is X window? It is a “graphical interphase” on “linux” and “unix” like systems which is used to display graphics which are helpfull in software installation. The X server listen to the connections from X client applications. 2.In order to get X windows working there are few system packages that are required to be […]

what is html?

1.What is html? The full form of html is (Hypertext Markup Language),it is a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages. 2.Further there are many forms of html: HTML Heading HTML Basic HTML Elements HTML Attributes HTML home HTML Paragraphs HTML styles HTML […]

Operating system

1. What is operating system? It is a system software,which is insatalled on computer system and it do muliti tasking. Operating system has: a. kernel: It is the main module of Operating system. b.HALT Translate:{Hardware Abstraction layer}this command is used to “start and shutdown” the operating system. 2.There are two types of “operating system”. a.”Client […]

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