Cloud and on-premises Security

Are security appliances in your network sufficient to keep your infrastructure and applications safe?

Cyber threats in the form of-

  • Application exploits (code problems, weak ciphers, deprecated code usage etc.)
  • Database vulnerabilities (SQL injections, privilege escalation, weak passwords stored, deprecated keywords usage)
  • Malware
  • phishing
  • Various forms of network attacks like - Man in the middle
  • Retrovirus and many more
Such threats are increasing on a faster pace than ever.
Having IDS, IPS, WAF or other security appliances in your network, the question arises here, is it sufficient to protect your enterprise from above mentioned threats? 
In my opinion, NO.
There are many other factors that are crucial for any enterprise other than having latest and best network threat management system sitting in front of your enterprise gateway.  
The most important is the IT operations team on the ground.
Documentation on the lesson learnt on major cyber attacks and detailed analysis done on such cyber-attacks in the past, few of the common reasons that lead to security breaches were -
  • Inadequate knowledge
  • No awareness or lack of analysis approach within operations teams
  • lack of security awareness among users or ignorance within security teams
all these factors are one of the reasons, your network can become a victim of cyber-attack.

Stay tuned for more next week on it 🙂

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