GK Facts(Part 1)

1.The “American Museum of natural history” is world’s largest museum.
2.’Buena Bhaile is the lowest mountain range in the world.
3.’Scotland’ is also known as the “land of cakes”.
4.The place known as the garden of the England is ‘Kent’.
5.’Burj Khalifa’,’C.N tower’ are the tallest Towers in the world.
6.’Japan’ is the country famous for its ‘Fish catch’.
7.’Farmosa’ is the old name of Taiwan.
8. Montreal is situated on the bank of river ‘ottawa’.
9.The city ‘Bonn’is situated in Germany.
10.’Revival’ is the literal meaning of Renaissance.
11. ‘Julius caesar’ was killed by ‘Marcus Junius Brutus’.
12.The worlds busiest airport is ” Hartsfirlds-Jacson Atlanta International airport”.
13.The title of desert Fox was given to field ‘Marshal Erwin Rommel’.
14.’Armenia’ is the city in Russia which faced an earthquake in the year of 1988.Later on it became a separate country.
15.’Hudson Bay’in canada is the largest bay in the world.
16.The largest ‘church’ in the world is Basilica of st.Peter,Vatican city,Rome.
17.”Arabia” is the world’s largest Peninsula.
18.”Gulf of Mexico” is the largest gulf in the world.
19.The tallest statue in the world is the ‘Motherland,Volgograd Russia.
20.The largest railway tunnel in the world is the “oshimizu,Japan”.

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