Linux/Unix File and Directory Permissions

Linux and UNIX systems has following set of permissions on File and Directory level.

For any file/directory basically association is as: Owner Group Others

Permissions Type: READ, Write, Execute

Below example:

[[email protected]_server/]# ls -ltr testfile_techs.text
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 0 Jul 2 16:45 testfile_techs.text

above example is showing permissions on file name testfile_techs.text are: Read and Write to Owner, Read to Group and Read to Others (world).

Binary Calculations for Permissions:

Read : 4

Write: 2

Execute: 1

More broadly explained below

rwx rwx rwx => 111 111 111
rw- rw- rw- => 110 110 110
rwx --- --- => 111 000 000

Hence these binary with number equavalent becomes:

rwx = 111 in binary = 7
rw- = 110 in binary = 6
r-x = 101 in binary = 5
r-- = 100 in binary = 4


Connecting to Linux Server : –
##cd /Users/owner/aws-infra
cd /u01/userhome/Documents/aws-infra
ssh -i techspemfileforaccount.pem [email protected]

LVM Management
fdisk /dev/sdc, then type n (new volume creation), then type p for primary volume or e for extended volume, press enter, press enter again to accept the default start sectors, next you can accept default value to end the sectors on give a storage value you want to allocate to the disk partition, for example - +50G for allocating 50 GB, then press enter
Now next press t to declare the partion TYPE, enter 8e for LVM and press enter, now type w to write the changes
Next is now to create the LVM for this newly created disk partion name - /dev/sdc1
groupadd techvolg
useradd -g techvolg -G admins techsuser01
passwd techsuser01
fdisk -l
fdisk /dev/sdc
pvcreate /dev/sdc1
vgcreate techstoolsvg /dev/sdc1
lvcreate -L 61G -n techstoolslv techstoolsvg
mkfs -t ext4 /dev/mapper/techstoolsvg-techstoolslv
history|tail -n 15

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