Oracle Exalogic

Important actions required, when performing acivity on updating or replacing the faulty IB Switches:
Take the Control Stack Backup of your EXALOGIC Rack
create Exalogs (Exalog Generation)
Peform the IB Diagnet Logs Backup
take the IB Switch Backup (you should take backup of both the switches)
Deregister the IB Switch which is faulty from Control Stack, lets assume that our first IB switch is faulty (be very careful while perfomring this action)
do the failover Failover to secind IB switch, lets say techsexa02gw02
Now its the work to be done by Oracle Field Engineer to replace the switch
once done verify the Version of replaced switch
next step is to Restore the Replaced IB Switch from Latest Backup
Enable the SM on New Switch
Register the Port GUIDs on the Newly installed Switch
Discovering New IB switch to the Control Register
Password Change for root & ilom-admin Users
Discover the New IB switch to Control Register


When you install the Exalogic Lifecycle Toolkit, the installer creates the following shares, in the common project, on the storage appliance:
- exalogic-lcdata
- exalogic-lctools

Backup Directories Created by ExaBR

- compute_nodes OS backups of compute nodes.
- ib_gw_switches Configuration backups of the InfiniBand gateway switches.
- ib_spine_switches Configuration backups of the InfiniBand spine switches.
- management_switches Configuration backups of the management switch.
- iloms Configuration backups of the component ILOMs.
- storage_nodes Configuration backups of the storage nodes.

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